Summer 2013: Shalom Ivrit

Hebrew Textbook

This is a basic Modern Hebrew class. It will also be very useful for people who want to study Biblical Hebrew.

Note: This class is held locally in Hudson, Wisconsin. No online version is offered as of yet.

The living Modern Hebrew language is a great gateway to Hebrew learning in a natural way. The book we are using focuses on the Biblical holidays and religious life, and a large majority of the vocabulary words we will learn are common terms in both the Bible and modern Israel.

Hebrew Vowel Flashcards

Hebrew vowels (nikkud or nekkudot) are written as dots and dashes below and around the letters. Flashcards are a great way to help remember and recognize these symbols.

The sounds and names of the vowels varies from one accent or dialect to another. This set of flashcards does not offer a comprehensive treatment of all of the subtleties of Hebrew vowels and their pronunciation, but it is a good way to reinforce what you have already learned.

For the consonants, see our Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards.

Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards

Learning the Hebrew alphabet takes repetition and drilling, but it is an important step in learning the language. Try these Hebrew flashcards. They are based on the modern Sephardic pronunciation used in Israel, but they are also useful for Biblical Hebrew study.

If you would like to learn the vowels, see our Hebrew Vowel Flashcards.

Summer Plans: Modern Hebrew

Shalom Ivrit

A plan is in place for a Modern Hebrew (local, not online) class this summer. Dates are still to be determined, some time between June and August. Let Aaron know right away if you have strong opinions as to when the class will be held.

Even though this course follows a fun and non-intimidating kids' textbook, it is perfect for adults as well. We will study Modern Hebrew (the kind spoken in Israel today) with an emphasis on Jewish holidays and religious life.

Spring 2013: Reading Hebrew

Hebrew text

In this four-week primer course, you will learn the Hebrew letters and vowels and how to sound out Hebrew text. No prior knowledge required. The class is recommended for adults as well as children ages 7 and up.

This is a live in-person class. No online version will be offered, but a video course is available through First Fruits of Zion.

Time: Sundays, 5:00 - 6:30pm, April 7, 14, 21, 28

Megillat Antiochus: Fun Hanukkah Reading in Biblical(ish) Hebrew

Keep the Chan in Chanukah!

Looking for more ways to practice and improve your Biblical Hebrew? Hanukkah starts this Saturday night (December 8, 2012). Why not read the story of the Maccabean revolt?

This story appears in Greek in the Apocryphal book of Maccabees, but another ancient text exists that tells the story in Hebrew. This text is called מגילת אנטיוכוס (the Scroll of Antiochus), and it is included in the Yemenite Hanukkah ritual even today.

How to type in Hebrew using Windows 7 (VIDEO)

Screenshot of video how to type Hebrew in Windows 7

Have you ever wondered how to type in Hebrew on your computer, so that you can search Google in Hebrew or use Hebrew as your Facebook status? It's not too hard to set up in Windows 7; just follow these simple instructions!

Three Ways to Start Thinking in Hebrew

Hebrew flash card with picture on reverse

If you want to learn to think in Hebrew, you have to avoid translating to English as much as possible.

Your mind contains abstract concepts of everything in the world around you. Language, in essence, consists of the labels you have associated with those abstract concepts.

Organic Biblical Hebrew

What is Organic Biblical Hebrew? When something is organic, it fits together harmoniously. It has the properties of natural living organisms. It develops naturally and continuously. Organic Biblical Hebrew is the Biblical Hebrew language taught in a natural, living way.

I want students to be able to think in Biblical Hebrew and to understand it whether it is spoken or written. Most Biblical Hebrew courses focus on translating the text into another language. I want Hebrew to become your language.